How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post That Engage Audience

Writing SEO-Friendly Blog post is too easy if you know the template and tips. Blogging is not only for fun, it also make you money so writing SEO-Friendly blog post is important get thousands of web traffic to your blog post. Do you know that 97% of people use search engine to find blog post or info. so without well rankings on search engine you will miss the most of your visitor, and writing SEO-Friendly blog post is the main key to get top rankings on search engines. Here in this article I have shared some tips and tricks that help you to write SEO-Friendly Blog post. Check these below.

SEO-Friendly Blog Posts Template

write seo-friendly blog post - search engine optimization guide for beginners

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Above The infographics show you the complete template to write high quality Blog post that search engines and your reader will love.

Keyword In Your Title

You must generate a title with your main keyword. people search blog post or info on search engines using keyword and Search engines will find blog post by keywords. so title with keyword help search engines to find your blog post easily. It’s better if you start your blog posts title with keywords such as “How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post That Engage Audience” here in this blog post I use “How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post” as main keyword.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail keywords mean 3 or more words in your keywords, Such as “SEO-Friendly Blog Post”, It’s true that if you use short keywords such as “SEO-Friendly” then your blog post will get found on many keywords but not in top on search engines. and if you use long-tail keywords then your blog post appear top on search result. I suggest use long-tail keywords but not so much long.

Avoid Stop Words In Your Keywords

Google and other search engines ignored some keywords that’s called stop words, such as “For”, “With”, “to” and many more. You should visit Wikipedia to learn more about stop words. Try to avoid stop words in your keywords, because Google and other search engine ignore stop words.

Keywords Density

Don’t use too much or too low keywords in you blog post. If you use too much or too low keywords in your blog post then you will lost rankings on search engines. If you use too much keywords in your blog post then Google will mark your blog post as spam and if you use low keywords density in your blog post then Google don’t understand the main keywords of your blog post Keyword density is a one of best part to write SEO-Friendly blog post and getting higher rank on search results. The standard keyword density is 3% to 4.5%. So keep your keywords density within 3% to 4.5% for better results on search engines.

Use Media

Don’t forget to add media in your blog post, such as image, video or audio clip. You know that an image has more words than your content. Google Also love media in blog post and also appear your image or video on search results. So you will get more visitor from search engines. But you have to insert details in your media. And don’t forget to add keywords in alternative text. It’s better if you choose your own created image instead of copying from anywhere.

Be Unique

Recently Google Changes it’s algorithm and it’s strictly prohibited duplicated content from search results. So don’t copy content from any other blog or any other source, Try to write your own words in your blog post. Unique Content is the main key to write SEO-friendly blog post. Your blog post get indexed soon by Google Bot if you write your own words in your blog post without copying from anywhere.

Blog Posts Length

Try to write your blog post within 500 to 1200 words. It’s the standard length for blog posts. If you write blog post less than 500 words then you have chance to marked as spam content or spam blog post by Google bot.

Always Use Meta Data

Meta data will rank your blog post properly. Most of CMS or Content Management System allows you to insert mete data in your blog post. Google will find your blog post by meta data and also appear with meta data on search results. You have to insert meta keywords, Meta Title and Meta Description for great results on search results.

Write Content For Your Audience

Most of the blogger write blog post only for search engine and for money. I think Blogging is not for money and not for search engines instead of your audience. If you write blog for your audience then your audience will share you contents or blog post with their friends on social network and you will get tons of traffic from social network. Google also love social activity so you will get rankings on search engines too, And money will be earned automatically. If you write audience friendly blog post then it will be best SEO-Friendly blog post without any confusion.

Basic Tips To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Here I have shared some basic tips that help you to write fully SEO-Friendly blog post easy and fast. Check These Below:

  • Claim Authorship On Google+ for your blog
  • Do Proper Keywords Research
  • Link With External Helpful resource
  • Interlinking other blog post with keywords
  • Use Categories and Tags
  • Reply on Comments regularly
  • Insert Related Post
  • Update your Blog regularly
  • Use Google Analytic for measure traffic reports
  • Use Your Own Created Image
  • Use tag on Heading
  • Use Keywords on your first and last paragraph
  • Don’t use multiple keywords for your blog post
  • Allow your readers To Share your blog post on social media
  • Use Bold, Italic and Underline On Your Keywords

Currently I am using Above these tips and tricks and of-course getting higher rankings on search engines. I always share my blog post with my friends and family on social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. WordPress Is my Favorite blogging system and I use Keyword Winner and SEOPressor to write SEO-Friendly Blog post and do proper research on keywords. If you like above my tips then please consider sharing with others on social network.


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