Tweet Adder – An Honest Tweet Adder 4.0 Review

Tweet Adder 4.0 is a software that increase your targeted twitter follower. If you are new in this post or you are hearing about tweet adder first time then read my full tweet adder 4.0 review to discover some amazing. Basically tweet adder is a twitter account management software.  It’s a complete twitter account management system. You can handle multiple twitter account same time with this software not just all it also process your follow/unfollow, Clean your twitter account from dead or fake followers and make your tweet automation.

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Tweet Adder 4.0 Review

Recently tweet adder update to tweet adder 4.0 from it’s previous version Tweet adder 3.0. It’s a great and unique software for handle your twitter account. you know that twitter follower is one of the best online marketing method because twitter follower turn targeted visitor and subscriber. If you seriously want to boost your twitter follower or traffic then Tweet Adder is the answer.

This Most Advanced Twitter Account Management Software use Twitter API and Oauth. Also you can search for most relevant minded friends. that will become your follower. There is an improved search filter to work with all search types:

Filter Results by:

  • Followers Friends
  • Tweets
  • Filter Private Accounts
  • Filter Accounts with default profile images
  • & More

New Unfollow filtering options

  • Not Following Back
  • No Profile Image
  • Foreign Language
  • High Ratio
  • Inactive
  • Talkative
  • Quiet

With This Software you can schedule your tweet post and automate your tweet by rss feed. Tweet adder 4.0 comes with many useful features.

It has very user-friendly interface and navigation. You can clearly see each feature. You don’t need more than 5 minutes to set up. the most important module that i like most is “tweet search”, Because you can search most targeted followers by Keyword and Geo-location, Amazing huh!!

tweet adder main interface

Tweet Adder Main User Interface

As a successful internet marketer i suggest you to build followers to your twitter account because your twitter followers become most advanced targeted visitor and subscriber, and you can build targeted followers with TA-4.0. So i strongly recommend This software to Everyone.

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Update: 06/08/2013

Tweet Adder no longer supports Automatically follows and nofollows. It had lots of changes in their current version of 4.0.

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