Tips How To Change WordPress User Profile Photo

Changing WordPress Admin Profile image or WordPress user image, usually called Avatar or Gravatar, is one of the common downside faced by several WordPress users.

wordpress logoMany people faces a problem while fixing their self hosted WordPress web site also as blogs. the matter is the admin profile image or different users profile image. it’s additionally referred to as “Avatar” image.

How to Modify or add new image to you avatar? allow us to check how to use your favorite image as your Avatar or Gravatars pictures.

Avatars popularly known as Gravatars are graphic image that represent you and/or your web log. Gravatar is owned  by Automatic (WordPress) and when you upload an “avatar” you’re really uploading a Gravatar.

Adding Avatar/Gravatars to WordPress and Blogs.

Let me discuss how to use custom Avatar/Gravatars pictures to your as well as the self hosted WordPress web site or blogs.

Add custom image Avatar/Gravatars to Blogs.

Gravatars support was enabled for all users. bloggers can add an avatar image to their blog using the admin panel. visit the Users of Your Profile panel and use the box presently on the left side is where to upload your image. Ideally the image ought to be no more larger than 128 X 128 pixels.

Add custom image Avatar/Gravatars to self hosted WordPress Blogs.

Adding custom pictures to your blog avatar is also easy and simple. there’s no direct choice in WordPress admin console to alter your avatar image to something different.

To use your own image as your profile image you’ll have to register at with the e-mail address that you’ve associated in your blog with your admin user account. once sign-up you’ll be able to upload you image to  Once you’ve uploaded the image that image will appear as your profile image whenever you post on your own web log.

The profile image also will show up on different WordPress blogs once you add comments on different WordPress blogs using the same email address into the mail field of the comment form at that different blog.

You can upload and modify the profile image at Gravatar. See the screen-shot below.


WordPress Gravatar/Avatar Image Changing

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