The Best Keyword Tools You've Never Heard of

The web offers bloggers and marketers a seemingly limitless potential audience or loyal customer base. A necessary key to unlocking that potential is great keyword strategy. Here In this Article I Have listed The Best Keyword Tools that you have never heard of.

Punctuate your web content with well-optimized keywords. If your choices are well-informed, they will correspond to the words actual web users type into search engines with information or goods like yours in mind, and you will be one step closer to gaining the following of your dreams.

To begin collecting keywords for your bag of SEO tricks, just whiz through the following short list of the best keyword tools you’ve never heard of:

The Best Keyword Tools

Free and Idiot-ProofFree And Idiot Proof - The Best Keyword Research Tools

The use of keywords changes frequently on top-rated sites, so the best keyword tools will be able to help bloggers stay current with the keyword trends of other successful websites with similar content. The folks at have helpfully compiled a simple, user-friendly set of free tools that target keyword trends. They provide an idiot-proof Keyword Extractor that pulls the keywords from any website you want and also generates relevant keyphrases. You can use their Keyword Density tool to organize your keyphrases by their rate of occurrence.

Quick and Dirty

Quick and Dirty - The Best Keyword Research Tools

Many people are familiar with Google’s popular Keyword Tool, but lesser known is “Google Fight.” At, you may enter two keywords to face off against one another, allowing you to contrast each one’s popularity on the basis of subtle, yet significant variations in phrasing. Google Fight is free and easy to use.

An “SEO Cockpit”

SEO Cockpit - The Best Keyword research Tools

Many marketers will tell you to invest in premium keyword tools to gain the edge that jump starts your website’s traffic. It’s true, but only if you choose the right toolbox for you. A good place to start looking is, where you can sign up for a free month-long trial. Raven packages a powerful SEO intelligence environment into a usable format, an impressive feat given their sophisticated toolkit. Whether you need to know the cost-per-click numbers for your keywords or want to aggregate all your best keyword tools into a single command center, Raven is an efficient, reasonably priced source for organizing expert keyword research within a customized, self-sufficient data hub.

My Recommended Best Keywords Tool

  • HitTail – The Long Tail Keyword Tool

You don’t have to read minds to identify the most productive keywords. Nor do you have to have a huge budget. Simply make use of the best keyword tools at your disposal to fish out the unique terms for your niche.

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