Social Media, Links & Content The Best SEO Practice in 2013

Previously I have written lots of Content regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO means making your site or sites content search engine friendly that Search Engines Will like and Index. But Every Search engines has their Ranking algorithm that play a major part of SERP. You know that Google recently Update Ranking article on Webmaster Help Documentation and rolled out penguin 2.0. So there are lots of changes has made in current year. Google’s Web-spam head Matt Cutts describe more details In his recent webmaster videos. Check That below:

Here In this text I have described about Social Media, Links and Content. Because Social Media, Links and Contents play an important role of SERP. In current Year these 3 SEO strategy become #1 SEO practice for every type of webmasters. Check these Below:

Social Media

Social Media, Links & Content The Best SEO Practice in 2013

You know that Google recently updated their ranking article on webmaster Help documentation, It says not Links, Build quality sites that audience will love and share on social network. So social media now playing the #1 role of Google Rankings.

Above the tweet I have posted an snapshot of Google Ranking article and I also marked It’s changes. Nowadays Social Media directly Impacted with Google SERP. So The link Building Strategy game has been over. You must build your social presence to get higher rank on search Engines Such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Inbound Linking

Inbound Linking - Social Media, Links & Content The Best SEO Practice in 2013

Inbound links is the one of the best Google Ranking Factor. It’s not a new strategy. Google loves content that has Inbound linking. It drive lots of traffic to your sites or blog. Quality Linking gives Google one very strong signal that increase your ranking on search engines.

Inbound Linking or relevant Link Building was the #1 Google SERP Ranking Factor. Currently It’s position On Google Ranking Factor is #2. When People or reader found your content helpful for others than they want to linking with you on their site or blog that drive you tons of free web traffic and Search engine love this.

**Anyway Only relevant and high quality links cannot develop your sites or blogs rankings on Search Engines otherwise you have chance to caught by Google Penguin and Panda**

ContentContent writing and Social Media, Links & Content The Best SEO Practice in 2013

You may heard that content is king. Yeah It’s right!! Content take #1 part of Search Engines. Every Ranking factor starts with Good and high quality content. Unique and informative content is the first SEO strategy.  You must provide SEO friendly and informative content for greater SERP.

There are main five aspect you have to follow for a strong on-site SEO optimized and provide well content. Check These Below:

Above these five aspects are the main key to provide an Well Optimized Content that search Engines Will love.

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Here In this article I have provide a little about SEO Practice in 2013. You must follow these steps and Ranking factors for greater ranking on search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the main key to claim success. So Search Engine Optimization Is important for build hassle free internet presence. In my 7 years SEO and Blogging experience I found These 3 (Social Media, Links and Contents) Is the best SEO ranking factor forever. Thanks for reading my Blog post, If you have enjoyed then consider sharing it with others on social networks.

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