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Review of: SEOProfiler
Johannes Selbach

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On May 9, 2013
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SEOProfiler is a one of the industry leader SEO Software. Search Engine Optimization was easy but Now everyday It becoming hard to harder. If you are a website owner and keep your site always top on SERP and The Latest Algorithm Panda And Penguin free then you must need this software. It help you to build high quality links that is free from Google Panda and Penguin. Today SEOProfiler made SEO easy and effective. It offers free trial membership for 30 days. You should check this out while top ranking on SERP is one of the part of Your Business.

SEO Profiler is a one of the best SEO Tools. Johannes Selbach is the developer and owner of the SEO Profiler seo tools. I got the many invitation for Try SEO Profiler and I tried that. It’s a great SEO Tools. In This Article I have Described An Honest SEO Profiler Review. Read My Entire review to know if It’s Worth?

SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler Is the only one SEO Service who promise you top 10 Search Engines Rankings Guarantee. There is a step by step process. Which enables you to Get top 10 Rankings fast and easily. You know that search engine change their algorithms continually so it’s hard for you to learn real SEO practice. But Fortunately SEO Profiler is the answer for this issue.

SEO Profiler Also provide the best SEO training which is most valuable. Their Training program help you to understand Why they Promise top 10 ranking Guarantee. This SEO tools also analyze your competitor data which is top ranked in your keyword. SEO Profiler also apply your Top competitor Rankings method and take your competitor down.

It also remove spammy links if your competitor want to take down your site and put links to your site. If You are seriously want to take down your competitor and gain top 10 search rankings instantly. It’s a complete SEO solution for your site or blog. This Full Featured SEO Tools is proven and tested.

SEO Profiler gives the following option……..

  • Website optimizer
  • Ranking monitor
  • Competitive intelligence
  • High quality backlinks
  • Detailed Reports
  • Regular website audit

Lets Discuss More details About these

SEO Profiler Dashboard

SEO Profiler Dashboard

Website Optimizer: After login your SEO Profiler account you will have the access to Top 10 Optimizer Module. Which Show you what is required to get top 10 rankings and Take down your competitor. It also scan your top competitor data and show you how much backlink they have built. This website optimizer module show you your competitor social presence.

Ranking Monitor: Ranking monitor is a best website analyzer module. It will always check your site Ranking data. You will also let know when your site rankings change. Ranking Monitor Will Enables you to check the following rankings….

  • Check Rankings on keyword Basis
  • Top Pages that seem most on search Engine
  • Check Most Ranked Keyword
  • Alerts when your site rank change
  • Rankings for your keywords to your competitor
  • Export Detailed Reports

Competitive intelligence: This Module scan your competitive data such as where they linked, Which anchor text linking they used and what method they are using to gain top rankings. As a SEO expert you must want to know your competitor data otherwise it’s to hard to take them down. Competitive intelligence module provide you intelligence reports about your competitor.

High quality backlinks: This Module Enable you to build High Quality Backlink that will help you to gain top 10 rank on search engine. This module also suggest you some site where you can build High Quality Backlink for your site.

Detailed Reports: You can create most advanced PDF and Web Based Reports. It Provide you detailed reports about Your Site and Your SEO Strategy.

Website Audit: Seo Profiler regularly Crawl your site and show you broken links, page errors , server errors, timeout errors and duplicate titles. You Know That On Site SEO is Most important but without these information your on site SEO Impossible. It’s also provide Short Meta Description, Missing Alt Tags,Short Title, Missing Heading Tags etc.

SEO Profiler Pricing

SEO Profiler is a cheap rated but Best SEO Tools. There’s 5 types of Pricing Plan available from $24 to $999. Don’t Worry SEO Profiler Offers Free trial not just all it also offers 30 days 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Click Here To Try SEO Profiler For Free Trial

SEO Profiler is a most advanced and best SEO Tools. This SEO Tools provide you Search engine submission service. Your site will be submitted on all Major Search Engine in single click. SEO Profiler provide lots of other SEO Service that is not listed here because This review is a short version. If You Want Get Top 10 Ranking Fast then You Should Visit SEO Profiler Website to learn more. I Strongly Recommend SEO Profiler to everyone even beginners or Expert.

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  1. Nick Othen says

    Hi Vin, I have been using SEO Profiler for over 12 months and the results are amazing! also very impressed with the weekly audits and the link building.

  2. deonne anderson says

    SEO Profiler is great, but I paid for it and never used it because I could’t figure it out. My request fo hel was ignored. I canceled my account an hour ago because I still can’t use it after about 3 or 4 months. That’s money down the drain. There is no customer service. I was unable to secure a phone number. Without good customer service the product is not feasible to purchase.

  3. says

    Awful customer care/support. My wife used the ‘trial’ version for her site, I then purchase the ‘trial’ for my site – completely different site and domain etc registered – pay the $1 for the trial and due to my wife using the ‘trial’ I do not qualify for it – great to see that SEOprofiler class us as the same person and our sites the same! (my wife has a beauty site, my site is designing logos etc). The customer service agents are rude beyond believe. Today I spoke with ‘Jennifer Peters’ who really needs to be taught some basic customer service skills.

    In regards to the package, my wife used the trial of SEOprofiler and apart from the competitor area its not really that good. SEOmoz is far superior to this and they will provide online support and genuine customer care.

  4. Chris McKormick says

    >> Awful customer care/support.
    Unfortunately can’t but agree :( Tried Profiler for a while, but switched to Webmeup quickly – much better customer experience (for the tool itself and customer service)

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