Search Engine Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing both play the major role to claim success. Every success on blogging depends on your Strategy. In my opinion Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing both is the must have part on a blog or websites. I Have mentioned social media marketing and search engine marketing many times in my earlier articles. Now in this text I have Compared Social Media Marketing Vs. Search Engine Marketing. Lets Go Ahead About This Topic:

Search Engine Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing ve Social Media Marketing

In order to get big success you have to focus Social media and search engine both. But a blogger or website owner can Ignore any one of these. Specially when we are talking about search engine then we mainly focus on Google and when social media then we focus on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Basically Search Engine is the great source to drive tons of free traffic and social media to get thousands of loyal fan or audience and of-course Targeted Traffic.

Search Engine Marketing

Actually Search engine marketing mean get found your website or blog at the top of search results. The Following Strategies is the part of SEO:

Keyword Research

Keyword research help us to find the perfect keywords that will play better on search results. It’s a one of the best strategies to find the content or webpage on Search engines. There are lots of sites offers Keyword Research such as Google External Keyword Tool. You just have to find relevant Keywords to your niche and find the competitor. If your website or blog is new and not rank well on search engines then you should choose the low competitor keywords. It’s help you to pull your blog at the top of SERP.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a one of the most important part to know The competitors of your website or blog and how they linking with Others. Anyone can easily surpass their blog or website competitor by using competitor analysis. There are many website or tools offers competitor analysis service. SEOprofiler and Open Site Explorer is the best Competitor Analysis Tool.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research and competitor analysis is the part of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the main key to get found your website or blog on SERP. Basically SEO is the process to help Search engines to understand your content and the importance. I have written many article about SEO. You should check these to find out all about SEO and SEO tips and tricks.

Search Engine Advertising

Most of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and bing allow advertising on Search Engine Result page. It’s a great idea to get tons of targeted traffic. Actually Search engines will place your ad to the most relevant Search term. This process called pay-per-click. It’s mean You have to pay for per click generated by Search engines.

Link Building

Link Building used to get found your website or blog on search results. Link building is the most popular and valued strategies of SEO. In the recent Update of Google Algo, The importance of Link building has gone down, However it’s still one of the best strategies to Pull your blog or website top of search results.

Search Engine Marketing Pros & Cons:


  • It’s Free: The search engine optimization process is free if you know the proper way. The Search Engines don’t charge until you choose PPC advertising.
  • It’s Trustworthy: People trust Organic Search Results Better than paid advertising. They are more likely to click on organic listing than advertising.
  • Drive Traffic: Search Engines drive the most advanced targeted traffic to your blog.
  • Drive Leads: Targeted Traffic mean lots of Leads and sales. Search engine Drive targeted traffic to your blog or niche so you will get lots of leads and of-course sales.

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  • There’s has a penalty
  • Lots of Rules and Factors: Search Engine use Ranking factors to find the high relevant Results. actually No one don’t know the real factors that will pull your websites or blogs at the top of Search results. We just know some General Practice of Search Engine Algo.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays Social media marketing become popular. One of the best reason to become popular is Recently Google Made some change to their Ranking article and It says build quality sites that your audience will love and share. So social Networks play one of the most important role on SEO.

Mainly Social Media marketing mean, Putting your content on social network and reach the large numbers of People or Audience. Social media can not ignorable if you want to claim success. Every kind of business need to be social through Social network to get Success.

Social Network Drive traffic and regular audience. Some of internet guru developed their business or products through Social Network, Jo Barnes Is a one of these, who make her business successful through Social Media.

Social Media Marketing Pros & cons:


  • It’s free: Most of popular social network is free to use such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Drive Traffic: Social Media drive traffic to your blog or website.
  • Get loyal Fan: Social Media play an important role to get loyal fan or audience.
  • Build Community With Like Minded People: Social Media is a community. You will get like-minded people or audience to your community.


  • Need More Attention: You have to respond every comments or feedback to your content
  • Long Term Investment: Social Media marketing required Long term Investment. At first you have to grow and then you can expect results.

Conclusion: Social Media Marketing Vs. Search Engine Marketing both is required for greater success. You have to Use both strategies to get your success fast and effectively. Every smart and successful blogger or website owner always recommend Search Engines and Social Media. In my personal experience I found Social Media and Search engine both is very important part of success.

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