The Easy Ways To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Nowadays Online money making is the most popular topic in the internet. Every individuals wants to make some extra money online in their spare time and affiliate marketing is the most recommended and most preferred ways to earn money while sleeping. Amazon is a one of the best, biggest and most popular affiliate program and affiliate network. Here I have shared my best and easy ways to make money with amazon affiliate program. Lets check below:

Easy Ways To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program…

Here I have shared 2 easy ways that can drive you lots of sales on amazon. Currently I am using these 2 ways to make money with amazon affiliate program and hope my ways work for you.


Make Money With amazon Affiliate Program - Blogging

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Blogging is the most preferred and recommended ways to make money through affiliate marketing. You can make money from any affiliate network such as clickbank, share a sale, CJ, Amazon Associate and more with blogging. Blogging is my best choice because my 75% revenue comes from My Blog. I think Blogging is easy too, it’s newbie friendly. So I strongly recommend blogging. If you want to make money with amazon affiliate program then blogging is most recommended way. You just have to write content and linking keywords with Your Amazon affiliate ID. It’s simple. One of my blog earned me over thousands dollar per month in this way. Anyone Can make money with amazon with little work. An example How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate.

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Craigslist Ad Posting

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program - Craigslist

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Craigslist is a largest classified site and network. Craigslist is the most easiest way to sell products from amazon marketplace. You just have to know the proper way to post your ad on Craigslist. First you have to choose products from amazon marketplace. there are lots of used electronics products available and all of these used electronics products converts well. It’s better if you choose over $100 price length and popular products. Then post your ad on Craigslist and make sure that you have posted on right category and put your email address without leaving your affiliate links. Now buyer will contact with you by email that you given. You just have to send an email to your buyer. Below I have posted an email template. take a look.

Email Template

title=”Email Template Click To Expand” state=”open” ]Hi {First Name},

Thanks for your interest in my {Product_Name}. As I mentioned in my ad, I would like to sale my {products_name} that is used, but I also need a safe transaction, both for you and me. So I’ve choose amazon for safe transaction. Just click here (Put Your Affiliate link Into “Click Here”) and visit my {products-Name} details “Used Offers” section. The offer will be from {Merchant Name}, which is me!

I will ship the {Product_name} for free anywhere in the US, and I will of course honor Amazon’s 30 day return policy. This is a safe deal for us both! Enjoy your {products_name}!


{Your Name}

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Above The ways help you to make money with amazon affiliate. Amazon is the great affiliate program. you just have to send people on the amazon and then amazon will do everything what they are good at. I made money with amazon affiliate program by using above these ways and hope my ways works for you.


  1. Rajkamal Bhatnagar says

    Hi Vin,
    This is regarding Amazon Affiliate Program, if we blog can we write exactly the same description which is given in Amazon product detail, secondly if we advertise on Craigslist in which State will be better to post the ad, I saw the Craigslist,but was confused to post in which State. I have account with Amazon but from where to get Amazon affiliate link,when I open my account and go on product link I get only text ad link (html link), I am not able to find affiliate link, for posting on Craigslist and to display on other website. Also I am not able to find used electronics list on Amazon.
    I asked you regarding Legit online jobs, but you did not answer my previous mails.
    Pls reply.
    With Regds.
    Rajkamal Bhatnagar

    • says

      Hi Rajkamal,
      really I am very sorry for that I haven’t replied your previous mail. Actually I was too busy.
      1. Anyway you can get your amazon affiliate link from Amazon Associates, Just visit Amazon Associates and Search for products that you want to promote. You will get products list by your search term and also there you will get “Get Link” button at the right side of every products list on search result.

      2. You can place your affiliated products ad on any state as you wish. State doesn’t matter. It’s better if you place your ad on multiple state. You are thinking to write duplicate content on your blog but Google doesn’t allow duplicate content so writing the same description is not a great idea. You must provide your own word for get results from search engines.

      3. I have tried Legit Online jobs not just all I also promote Legit Online Jobs as an Affiliate. I found Legit Online jobs is a legit program to make money online. I have referred over 500 people to legit online jobs and only 2% of people asked for refund. So i think Legit Online Jobs is legitimate money making program.

      Best Regards Vin DiCarlo

      • Rajkamal Bhatnagar says

        Hi Vin,
        Thanks for the reply,can you pls guide what are the best products to market, it is quite confusing, when you visit Amazon site there are so many products.Also can you guide me regarding blogging for products. Some sample you can show,I was having one blogger site but it was rejected by Amazon, I know it was not much.
        As far as Legit Online is concern I have heard that after joining they ask for more and more upgrades then only you can earn, is it true.
        Still I am not getting any work, I am willing to do, but my efforts are not working.
        Pls reply.
        With Regds.
        Rajkamal Bhatnagar

  2. Rajkamal Bhatnagar says

    Hi Vin,
    Can you pls tell me about this site MyTeamVinh, I have heard too good things for this, pls reply.
    With Regds.
    Rajkamal Bhatnagar

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