A Detailed Guide To Start A Blog And Blog Tips You Should Know

How To Start A Blog

If you are new to blogging then this will help you to start a blog. There are few basic steps that you need to take to start a blog. Following the basic steps will take you to creating your blog with interesting topics

  1. Think about a topic on which you want to blog. You can survey the internet and see what the blogging sites are talking about. Pick up the topic that is unique as well as attractive to the audience. Make sure that you know the topic well.
  2. Decide whether you want to host your blog or want to use the free blogging service that helps you to host.

With free hosting service, you will not get your domain and hence will not own the blog. If you want to take the blog to your own domain, then you can’t move the blog and its readers as you have no control on the site.

Self-hosted WordPress is the best option and it provides the flexibility and room for you to grow. It has the cheapest price for hosting your own domain.

  1. Get a nice domain name based on your blog theme. You can go with many companies to buy the domains but make sure that it is reputed company.
  2. Easiest way to get a website is to go with the hosting company. They offer easy installs for blogs and forum. For you to start a blog, this is the best option as it will help you to get good content up fast.

Free hosts that are available are

  • WordPress.com
  • Blogger
  • Blog.com
  • Tumbir

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Hosts that charge to host a blog:

Once you are aware of the technicality of hosting a blog, you can decide on the service you want and begin to start a blog by first designing the look and feel of it. Based on the theme that you have selected you can put photographs, articles. You need to keep the navigation simple at first so that the followers get familiar with the site. Make your blog popular mention interesting topics and make sure that you advertise your blog well on the social media. Keep changing the theme of the blog and maintaining the statistics.

Blog Tips For Newbies

So you have decided to start a blog and build your blogging business, Now you probably looking for some blog tips to make your blogging easy and effective. Here’s some blog tips for newbies I have shared you should follow.

  • Don’t Copy: The most common mistakes made by newcomers is Copy content from another blog or source. If you do so then the big daddy (Google) will punish you by Algorithm Penalty. As a good and honest blogger you must produce useful and unique content to your blog. It’s a rule in blogging.
  • Quality Comes First: It doesn’t matter how many post you have published on your blog, The matter is Quality. Quality content always attract visitors, customers and as well as Search Engines. It’s proven that Good and high quality content get shared by Audience. Your audiences are not going to spend their time by reading low quality content.
  • Bigger Is Better: The bigger content is better than a small one. People love to read resource, Case Study and Detailed overview. So you should try to produce detailed content around 800 to 2000 words.
  • Be Visual: An image says thousands words and video is priceless to your audience. Search engines also love to see image and video within your blog post.
  • Be Social: Social network play an important role to Blogging success. You have to build your blog’s social profile on social network. Once you build up your social profiles then you also made your blog popular. Don’t just think about Search traffic because if you stay visible on social media site then you will get another best traffic funnel to your blog.
  • Build Email List: Email List building or collecting subscribers is the most advanced Internet marketing or traffic generating method over there. An email list can easily turn your blog into your business. It doesn’t matter that you are selling anything or not, Having an email list will allow you to promote your latest blog post or blog update automatically without worrying about search rankings.
  • Don’t Forget About Old Stuff: In general a blogger always looking for new readers and most of the cases they forget their existing audience. Do you know that your existing audience can help you to grow your blog, So don’t just try to get new audience to your blog also try to give value to your existing blog audience.
  • Free Not Always Better: What do you think about blogging, Is it free? Absolutely Not. In order to build up your blog successfully you have to spend. Every Positive value has its price. I have seen most of new bloggers always try to use something free or cheap such as Theme, Web Hosting etc.

Introducing follower interaction with the blog also adds to the popularity. Come up with unique ideas so that your blog stands out in the crowd. Be creative and active on your blog. Write on topics that you like and post them. Don’t go for topics on which you do not agree as that will be a loss of your blog. The blog reflects you, what you believe in !

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