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On May 8, 2013
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Gravity Forms by RocketGenius team is a one of the must have WordPress contact form plugin. Actually It not just a contact form, It is a fully featured and recommended by copyblogger. It has lots of features such as Creating Post from External Forms, Lead Capture, Advance Notification Routing and many more. The Best features is It is very easy to use interface and anyone can place the forms anywhere in their WordPress blog. It has Drag And Drop Features that's make it newbie friendly.

Gravity Forms is a Top Rated WordPress Plugin That enables you to Create and Integrate Web Forms to your blog. This Plugin Helps you to create web form that will collect visitor Feedback, email addresses and lots more. Gravity Forms is a Fully featured Web Form Generator Plugin. It has drag & drop Interface, Advance Notification Routing, Lead Capture, Conditional Logic Field and More. It also enables anyone to create post from Another Forms. Read the entire article because Here I published A Unbiased Gravity Forms Review based on my personal experience with it.

Gravity Forms

Originally Gravity Forms is a WordPress Plugin That Enables your WordPress Blogs to collect short information From your visitor Such as Email, Feedback, Support Request and many more. This Plugin Add a form button on your WordPress Admin Editor.  WordPress Gravity Forms has too easy Drug And Drop User Interface. You can create Many Type of  Forms. This Plugin Has a special feature that I like most is Submit Post as an admin or Guest from Front-end or anywhere to Your Blog. Yeah It’s Only Possible with Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms

There are Many scripts You can find for WordPress however These are not so flexible and not suitable for you or your blog. But Gravity Forms is suitable for any kind of Website or blog, Because its fully customizable and easy user interface.  You don’t need any experience such as PHP, HTML, Java Script etc. Gravity Forms Takes 2 or 3 minutes to Setup a simple form, And if you want to create most advanced and complicated form then it take around 15 to 20 Minute.

This Script also work as an Email Capture form and Email Autoresponder. Really this feature helps me to get thousand of Subscriber. Gravity form is enough to create and Manage Mailing list and as a Autoresponder easily. You can Also Export all Mailing list to another.

You can also connect your form to some external source using Gravity Forms Add-ons. Some of the most popular add-ons Listed Below:

  • MailChimp (email / list management)
  • Campaign Monitor (email / list management)
  • Aweber (email / list management)
  • Freshbooks (invoicing)
  • PayPal (payments)
  • Twilio (SMS)
  • User Registration (to create new users in your WordPress more easily)

Gravity Forms Allow You To Do

Gravity Forms is a fully featured WordPress Web Form Generator Plugin. But What you can do with Gravity Forms? Answer below:

  • Contact Form
  • Support Form
  • Lead Capture
  • Surveys & Polling
  • Guest Post Submission
  • User Generated Content

And Many more……….

I Strongly Recommend Gravity Forms not just me some popular resource such as Yoast and CopyBlogger also recommend Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms Offers 3 type of Plans and Pricing Option. Their Pricing Starts from $39.00 to $199.00. Now Visit Gravity Forms And Choose Yours.

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Update: 07/08/2013

Gravity Forms By RocketGenius team is a one of the must have WordPress Contact Form. It’s not just a contact form. It is a fully featured WordPress plugin. With This Tool anyone will be able to create Contact form like a pro. GF comes with lots of benefits and features such as Drag and Drop Interface, Lead Capture, Advanced Notification Routing and many more. It also enable anyone to create posts from external forms. GF Also featured and recommended by CopyBlogger.

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