Google External Keyword Tool Shutting Down! Now What?

We all know that Google External Keyword Tool Will no longer Available In Coming Month, So what Now? Ok, Here In this Article I have share some idea that can help you to find some alternative Keyword tools.

Google External Keyword ToolGoogle External Keyword Tool Is the best tool for those Who write SEO optimized content. It helps us to research on keyword and find the perfect keyword that drive lots of traffic to our Website or Blog. But Unfortunately Google Officially Announce that Google External Keyword Tool shutting down in coming Month. I know that most of Blogger and Website owner didn’t expect this.

Google External Keyword Tool Shutting Down

Actually Google Replaced The Google External Keyword Tool with New Google Keyword Planner. But Google’s Keyword Planner needs to have Google Adwords Account in order to Research and find Keyword. In my opinion Google Keyword Planner is more powerful than Google External Keyword tool. It comes with lots of advance features that help anyone to find the best and perfect keyword for their websites or website content.

However Most of Webmaster Think it’s not good for them. Because They are not felling comfortable with it. We Will Discuss more about this later Now let me Introduce You with Some Alternative Keyword Tool.

Alternative of Google External Keyword Tool

  1. Bing Keyword Tool (Free but Require Account on Bing Webmaster Tool)
  2. SEOBook Keyword Tool (Free To Research on Keywords)

There are a couple of Keyword Tools available but In my experience I found above these Free Keyword Tool is Great Alternative. If you are looking for Paid Keywords Tool then You should try SEM Rush or WordStream.

My Recommended Keyword Tool

Anyway If You Are looking for something advance and most likely Google External Keyword Tool Then I suggest Everyone to Use Long Tail Pro 2.3.0, You may already heard about LTP, LTP is a one of the best and most effective Keyword Tools. There are most of famous blogger Using LTP to find perfect keyword such as Pat Flynn, Jane Sheeba, Ilena Smith and Darren Rowse . Actually LTP works by Getting Keyword suggestion from Google. and they have released new update For Google Keyword Planner.

Spencer Haws is the developer of LTP and he Published New Update of LTP that will work with GKP. The Best features I like is It’s working great and more suitable and effective than Google Keyword Tool. It help us to find Long Tail Keyword that will play Better on Search engines and Claim Top rank fast.

It not just a Keyword Research Tool, It also Help us to Find the competitors and Who are using Keyword on Their Title and How they Linking. So I think It Not Just a Keyword Tool instead of Complete SEO Tools.

The Best side of LTP is it’s free to try for 10 days. I have share The best Features of LTP below, Check This Out:

  • Find Up-to 800 Keywords Per Seed
  • Search Multiple Keywords At Once
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Pre-Filter Keywords
  • Title Competition
  • Check Site Rankings on Search Engine
  • Keyword Competitiveness
  • and many more….

Watch The Promotional Video of LTP……

In My Opinion, I think You should Try Long Tail Pro for free for 10 days and then decide Will You Keep it or Not.

Google External Keyword Tool shutting down

Anyway Thanks For Reading My Article “Google External Keyword Tool Shutting Down! Now What?“, If You Liked My Suggestion Please Consider Sharing and Leave Comment to let me know you opinion About My Suggestion.

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