Get Indexed By Google: Killer Tips To Get Indexed Your New Blog Post by Google

A blogger spend his/her most of time to write blog post, But the main fact is How to get the newly created blog post fast on Google Search. There are lots of feedback you will found about this topic. Nowadays “Get Indexed By Google fast” is the one of the most popular search term. It’s popular because there are tons of blogger wants to get found their newly created blog post fast on Google SERP. Because If your blog post get indexed fast by Google then you will gain the more traffic to your blog from Google Organic Search.

How To Get Indexed By Google Faster

How To Get Indexed by Google Fast

Here In this Blog post I have Share my techniques to get indexed fast by Google. Basically my every blog post get indexed by Google around 2 to 8 hours. And It become fast to faster everyday. Every time when I finished writing a new post I did some work for my blog post that help me to get indexed by Google fast.

Ok Now Let me share these Tips and technique..

Write Great Content

You know that content is king. So at first you have to concentrate more about your blog post content. A quality content always get higher priority on search results. But What Is quality Content?

Quality Content mean a content or writing that is useful for your audience and easily categorized by Search Engines. You know that Google Has made lots of changes to their Search Algorithms to showing up quality content on Search results. So There are no chance to gain top rank on search results if you have write poor content.

A Quality content must be fully described and well researched. Using Proper keywords, Content Length, Contents media is a part of Quality Content.

So use proper keywords and researched well about the topic before start writing is recommended in order to get indexed fast by Google.

Using Ping Service

Ping Is a one of the most used and best technique to let know Google about your new post. Most of CMS and blogging software support Ping service.  Actually Ping Tools or service notify search engines about your new update and tell search engines that Your Update is ready to crawl by Search Bot. There are lots of Pinging tools or service available and most of these are totally free. Pinging tools or service help you to get indexed your new blog post by Google. Below I have inserted 2 most popular and best ping Tools that will ping all the major search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, AOL etc

  • Ping-O-Matic
  • Pingler

If your blog is powered by WordPress then you can easily set automatic pinging by following these simple and easy steps:

  1. Login Your Admin Dashboards and Go To Settings>Writing
  2. Scroll Down And Look For Update Service
  3. Clear The Update Service Box And Download The Latest Ping Sites List by Clicking Here.
  4. Now Paste The Latest Ping Sites List on Update Service Box
  5. Now Your New Blog Post Are Ready To Get Indexed fast by Google

Engage With Social Network

Social Network play an important role when you are looking for the ways to get indexed fast by Google. Recently Google change webmaster ranking article

Google Says

In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.

Google Ranking Article

So it’s clear that Social share playing a big part of Google Ranking factors. Google boot crawl social network frequently and if you have any linkback to your blog from social network then your blog will be followed by Google. If Google Boot Visit Your Blog Post and found quality content then it will get indexed by Google fast. So, Don’t forget to share your latest blog post url on Social Network such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Build Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks is a one of the best way to rank your blog post effectively on search engines. But you must have to build link on relevant and quality sites, Otherwise Your blog Will be get affected by Google panda and lost the ranking. Quality Link Building help you to get indexed your new blog post by Google very fast.

You can build Backlink by commenting on others blog that is relevant with yours. Social Network also provide quality backlink. There are tons of ways available to gain quality backlink, Below I have posted some most popular and effective Backlink Building methods. Check these below:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Writing Guest Post
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Contribute on Forums

You can easily Build thousands of Quality Backlink by writing quality Blog Post that your Audience will love to link back. Backlink Building is the proven ways that help your blog to get indexed by Google faster.

Conclusion: Everything Start with quality, so quality is a big matters of your success. I suggest you to write Quality Content that is search engine friendly and useful for your readers. If Your Audience love your blog post then Google and other search engines will love too.

Here I have shared the tips and technique that help your blog post to get indexed by Google fast. Now It’s Your turn, share your techniques that you have use to get indexed your blog post by Google for quick. Let me know your thought by leave comments.


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