The Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is the best ways to make thousands dollar through blogging. I am an Affiliate Marketer and making money from my blog by promoting Affiliate Products. I have written many articles for newbie who wants to make money through affiliate marketing and blogging. Below I have listed some of the most popular articles:

I am an affiliate marketer since 2007. I promote affiliate products on my blog and I know there are many bloggers getting great Organic traffic but their affiliate sales is not so enough. One of my blog reader contacted with me few days ago and she was asking me “How To Promote Affiliate Products on My Blog for better conversion.” She also provided his blog URL.

**For Privacy and security I have not published her blog address here**

Anyway I have visited the blog and realize that the blog get over thousands of Visitor per day from organic search. then how her affiliate sales is not so enough. So I suggest her to optimize the affiliate products banner and write review. Yesterday She contact with me with her success results. Her Affiliate earnings increase more than 450%. amazing Huh!!

Now In This text I am going to share 4 best ways to promote affiliate products on your blog. Lets Check These ways below:

Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Products

Promote Affiliate Products

1. Write Review

Review writing is a one of the most effective ways to promote affiliate products on blog. There are most of successful blogger promote affiliate products by Write A review. Nowadays most of the people want to hear some good before buy. So writing honest review is the best strategy to promoting affiliate products.

But Don’t write good on low quality products for higher sale, If you do so then you will lost your authority reputation. My suggest is test the affiliate product before write reviews. You know that I have written lots of Reviews on my blog and I contact with the product owner to get a demo before start writing a review. I never thought twice to write negative review if the products is worthless.

You Can Simply Creat A Pro Looking Review Site using WordPress and Author hReview (Aff Link).

2. Use Banner

Another best strategy to promote affiliate products on your blog is place and optimize the affiliate banners.Affiliate banners play an important role to increase your affiliate sales through your blog. I use banner on my blog Header and Sidebar, You may already notice that. Anyway I am getting high CTR and on my blog banner. Not just all last month I have earned $735.61 Affiliate commission from My blog banner ad.

Banner ad is highly recommended by most of famous bloggers and there are most of the blogs using banner ad to increase affiliate conversion. But Placing Banner is not just all, First you have to find the perfect place on your blog where your blog visitor engaging most then you have to place the banner to these place. You can use Crazy Egg (Aff Link) website heat map analytic tool, It will show you how your blog visitor engaging with your blog and what to do to get the very best results. Crazy Egg comes with 30 days 100% free trial. You can try Crazy Egg by Clicking Here.

3. Use Coupon Code

You know that there are most of the people looking for coupon or discount code. Coupon Code is a most advanced and proven ways to promote affiliate products. There are most of Company use coupon code and as an affiliate you can easily create your own coupon or discount code. You just have to join the affiliate program and create a coupon code and finally publish the coupon code with your affiliate link, That’s All, It will skyrocket your affiliate earnings.

I use coupon code method to my blog and I realize that coupon code is 200% better than A General article. It increase my affiliate earnings and drive most of traffic from search engines. Actually people are most likely to buy if they found any coupon or discount code about their desired products or service.

4. Use Featured or Sticky Post

If you are using WordPress then you can simply promote affiliate products on your blog. Use featured post of sticky post is a one of the most popular and best ways to get visitor attention on a specific post. You just have to write a blog post using “How To” or “Review” then you have to mark the post as a sticky or featured. Actually A Featured post always stay top of the homepage or landing page and you know that most of the people visit to your landing pages and It will easily get your blog visitors attention.

How To Featured a Post On WordPress

Follow The Following Instruction to Mark a post as sticky:

Promote Affiliate Products

  • Click on “All Posts” at the “Posts Section”
  • Now Choose the post you want to be featured.
  • Click on “Quick Edit”
  • and finally tick on the “Make This Post Sticky”
  • Click Update or save.

Your post has been marked as featured or sticky.

Conclusion: Above the ways I am using since last 3 months and my Affiliate conversion is now skyrocket. Oh!! one more things, Don’t link affiliate products name within your blog post with review article, Because the main affiliate website is specially designed for higher conversion and best results. There are many bloggers making this simple mistakes, Don’t be one of these.

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