5 Best Blogging Platform For Your Blogging Journey

Blogging is a one of the main topic over there but when you are looking for best blogging platform for free then what? Blogging is the best ways to make money online. Blogging is a journey and in this journey i will help you to find out some best blogging platform that will help you to make this journey easier. Actually blogging can easily turn your spare time into huge money-making business. and that’s the main reason, people becoming interested to start a blog. Now in this article I am going to share top 5 best and free blogging platform to make your blogging journey easy…… Now take a look to my favorite free blogging platform below:

Top 5 Best Blogging Platform

  • WordPress
  • TypePad
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Sett

That’s the list I am going to explore with you.


WordPress is the most popular and best Blogging platform over there. There are over 18.9% of all website powered by WordPress blogging platform. Basically there are two types of WordPress blogging platform available. One is free Hosted WordPress.com and another is Self-hosted WordPress.org. I strongly recommend you self-hosted WordPress.org. My this blog is also powered by self-hosted WordPress blog. Every smart blogger always recommend self-hosted WordPress blogging platform. If you want to discover every single step of blogging then WordPress.org best suitable for you. Now you are in confusion about WordPress.com or WordPress.org, Don’t worry for better understand I have shared the following infographic that will help you to decided what is best suitable for you. Now take a look to the following Infographics by WPBeginner.

war of best blogging platform

Infographic Credit WPBeginner

Now you have chosen the perfect blogging platform within WordPress. If you decided to choose self hosted WordPress.org then you need a best hosting solution also. I personally recommend Bluehost (aff) because WordPress officially recommend this. Anyway you can choose any other hosing but don’t forget to read how to choose best Webhosting service before pick anything.

Typepad another best blogging platform i have ever used but it’s only for premium member. however you can take a test drive for free 14 days. You may have already heard about Seth Godin, Yeah you are right, Seth’s blog hosted on Typepad. there are many popular blog hosted on Typepad. Typepad comes with Unlimited Storage, Beautiful design, Personal support and ability to map your own domain. This platform allows you to add free experience and easy to use. But my disadvantages with typepad is, It use trackback instead of Pingback.

Blogger by Google is the one of best but free blogging platform for newcomers. Some people also call blogger as Blogspot, anyway it doesn’t matter. It’s own by Google and comes with lots of features and benefits. Blogger allows us to earn money easily through Google Adsense contextual advertising network. The best features of blogger is easy to use and SEO friendly.

Tumblr is the best platform to share photos, Videos and text. There are over 30 to 50 million people using tumblr and it gets over 300 million monthly unique visitor. This amount of traffic insure us that how much popular is tumblr and how much easy to grow on this platform as a successful blogger. For them who doesn’t agreed to write long article then why don’t you take a look at Tumblr?

Sett is a community based blogging platform. It’s a high engagement blogging solution. Take a look to the following Introduction video of Sett:

Now, it’s your turn. Share your opinion about this article and which blogging platform you are using or planning to use via below discussion box.

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