Best 8 Effective Ways To Make Money Online

Internet is the biggest source of information, Tips & tricks, Tutorial, Article etc. It not just the biggest source of Information it also the biggest source to make money from home. There are many people making money online and most of these are made over thousands dollar per day through internet. There are many ways available to make money online. but not all of these ways are legit and make you money. Some of sites promises you that you will earn thousands of dollar but actually most of these sites or services are scam. If you are serious about online money-making then you are in right place, Here I have published Best 8 scam free and effective ways to make money online legitimately.

Don’t try to become part of all the ways at once. Here I have published lot’s of information so bookmark or share this list on social network to come back later. ok, now check the list below:

#1 Ways To Make Money Online – Blogging

Best 8 Ways To Make Money Online Blogging

Blogging is the best choice to make money online without any interruption. I love blogging and always recommend every newbies who want to live enjoyable life and make huge money online. I think blogging is the best choice to make money online. My preferred money-making ways is blogging and my 100% of revenue generated by Blogging.

Blogging is the fastest growing money-making method. But it is not a quick rich scheme, You know that every business need some time to grow and blogging is the best business in the world, So you must have to spend some time to grow your blogging business. Here I am not talking about $100 or $500, I am talking about $5000 or more.

Actually Blogging is for passion not for money but your passion will become the #1 ATM machine soon. I already said that blogging is not a quick rich scam so you first have to give time and work hard for the dream lifestyle.

If you have good writing knowledge then you can claim your success with blogging ASAP. You must have to provide high quality and informative content to your blog for big success. There are many blogging platforms available such as Blogger and WordPress, I strongly recommend WordPress, because It’s newbie friendly and easy to use interface. It also provide many features and benefits.

Don’t forget that blogging is not only for money rather than helping others. So try to provide helpful and informative writing. And If You don’t have writing skill then blogging is not for you.

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#2 Ways To Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing

Best 8 Ways To Make Money Online Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Is a another best online money-making ways. There are millions of people doing affiliate marketing and

getting big amount of money from internet. Affiliate marketing means sell others products or service and earn commission based on the affiliated products price. I know some affiliate marketers personally they are making big amount of money one of my friend made million dollars in a single day using affiliate marketing.

Blogging is a best part of affiliate marketing. There are lots of affiliate network available and most of these are free to join such as Amazon Associates, Share-A-Sale, Commission Junction, Clickbank etc. You just have to join there and write article about your chosen niche with your affiliate links. Affiliate Marketing is the best ways to earn lucrative income from home.

Remember That every business need some time to grow and affiliate marketing is a one of the best web business, so you must need some time to success with affiliate marketing. I remembered that my first affiliate sales was happened on may 2007 after 13 days of starts. That day was the best day of my internet life.

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#3 Ways To Make Money Online – Write eBook

Best 8 Ways To Make Money Online Ebooks

eBook writing is the another top rated ways to make money online. nowadays the self publishing world has explode. If you have writing experience or knowledge then eBook writing is the one of best ways to make money online. There are 80 billion people from all over the world interested to read eBook online.

You can sell your Written eBook on amazon and many others platform. Last year amazon reached 8 million eBooks. Amazon also announce that eBooks are outselling hard backs 2 to 1. Writing eBooks and selling on amazon is a great idea to make money online. I know someone who makes more than $2 million in a year by selling eBooks on amazon, And he sell his eBook for $0.99.

#4 Ways To Make Money Online – Participate On Paid Surveys

Best 8 Ways to Make Money online Paid Surveys

New Business are increasing daily and Surveys become the #1 ways to find the products or business ideas. So most of these companies are willing to pay for surveys and this entire process called paid surveys. Nowadays paid surveys become one of the best ways to earn few hundreds dollars each month.

Many people participating on paid surveys and making some extra cash in spare time. It doesn’t require any hard work and any experience to participate, so It’s become most popular money-making system in a very short period. All you have to do is join paid surveys website and share your opinions, Ideas, views etc.

#5 Ways To Make Money Online – Online Jobs

Best 8 Ways To Make Money Online Jobs

There are many legit online jobs available that you can join and make money by doing simple task such as Classifieds Ad Posting, Social Bookmarking etc. But there are lots of scam online job site available so it’s not very hard to see why people feel that there is no real online jobs available.

But I believe that there is real online jobs still exist and they will pay for simple task. I believe because my online money-making starts with online jobs.

#6 Ways To Make Money Online – Sell Stock Photography

Best 8 ways To Make Money online stock photo

If you are an graphics expert or photographer then selling photos or selling creative arts is perfect solution. You can sell your photo for good price on stock photography sites even if you are an amateur photographer.

Every day the list of new website or publisher is increasing and they needs lots of photography to use on their content. They are looking for new photos to use on their newsletter, article, blog post, presentation or brochures. so selling photography becomes one of the best ways to make money online. You can make a sale if your photo meet with their requirements.

But first make sure that your photo is unique and informative otherwise you can’t sell your photos. There are lots of stock photography sites available and all of these site will process payments and delivery such as iStockphoto, ShutterStock,Fotolia and thousands more.

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#7 Ways To Make Money Online – Build And Sell Website

Bast 8 Ways To Make Money Online Flipping Website

You know there are thousands of new website launches everyday and most of website owners doesn’t know how to build websites or blog so they are looking for buying websites or blogs. If you are an website or blog developer or have good knowledge of HTML and CSS then this option is the best ways for you to make money online.

You just have to build a website or blog and then sell it on any Website flipping websites such as Flippa. You will get a good price for your website or blog, It’s better if you sell established website or blog. Flipping or selling website is the another best ways to make money online.

#8 Ways To Make Money Online – Freelance Writing

best 8 ways to Make Money online freelunce writing

There are many people available who have some special writing skill. If you are one of the people then you can earn huge money by writing for others websites or blogs. The list of website or blog is increasing every minutes and they need lots of contents to their website or blog. Most of website owners looking for writers or content to use.

Every website owner want to get their blog or websites top rankings on search engine but content is the main key to get top rankings on search engines, So most website owners looking for quality writers for their websites or blog. and most of these are ready to pay for content.

There are many marketplace available for content writing such as Hire Writers. There you can join and write for others website or blog to make money online. Freelance writing is a one of the ways to make money online.

Conclusion: Making Money online is easy if you know the best ways to make money online. There are lots of ways available that make you money from home. I am making money online from 2007 and now I have built my profitable web business. I also tried above all the ways and I found these ways are effective and legitimate.


  1. Lawrence Levi says

    i really loved yours 8 ways for making money online an be an overnite millionaire, great going….

  2. aydintuzcu says

    Hello. Internet is an endless workplace so people can make money even more than real life, at least theoretically :). But with a realistic approach we can say that we can earn reasonably from internet. A website or blog is necessary for some methods but for most of them it is not. Some are very classic, some are proven and some are totally new. I spend some time to find out the answer but most of the resources points out same methods. Anyway, I wish luck to you. Don’t give up :)

  3. amalia says

    Very interesting article, well sumarized. I started to trade binary options with special app that copy trades from professional traders to my account . I don’t have time to trade or experience as I work in other job and in the past few weeks it works well. I started with 500$ and it makes me 25-50$ a day so you should try it too ;)

  4. joshua says

    Thanks for the info. I’m new to the web and now learning where to find the right information without all the so called gurus trying to squeeze out every cent they can get. Thanks

  5. Vivek Jain says

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information!
    All ways of money making are collected in one excellent article.
    You can easily make money here by following these wonderful ways of online making.
    Superb doubt at all!
    Again thanks!

  6. Linus Felix à Wengen says

    Ya. i m agree with these points that is mentioned above you can make money from internet but according to my point of view “Blogging” is the easy and fast method among these.

  7. Amit Chatterjee says

    Money earning is only possible through effective blogging. Many blogger are fails to earn because they have lack of concentration and not providing unique information which search engine love.We need to create unique content then it index and crawl by Google and get high traffic with high adsense earning.

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