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McConnahea, Ross Carrel, Mark Thompson

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On June 12, 2013
Last modified:October 28, 2013


Authority Pro 3.0 is the one of best WordPress Plugin to generate high quality and Fully featured Sales or Landing Pages. It's very easy to use and newbie friendly. It has powerful SEO featured that help you to make your Blog SEO Friendly with fingertips.

Authority Pro 2.0 is a most advanced WordPress Theme that has built-in all the features that you ever wanted as an internet marketer. Authority Pro 2.0 Released for public on 2013-06-18 by McConnahea and his two friends Ross Carrel and Mark Authority Pro 2.0Thompson. Authority Pro 2.0 is an updated version, Previously It was “Authority Pro” and Now the latest version called “Authority Pro 2.0“. Here I have shared An Honest Authority Pro 2.0 Review. Read My entire Authority Pro review to learn what is authority Pro 2.0 and Is It Worth?

Authority Pro 2.0 Review

Authority Pro 2.0 is a premium WordPress Theme powered by “Twitter Bootstrap framework” So AP-2.0 is responsive and Mobile friendly. Actually McConnahea and his partners build this Premium WordPress Themes for Internet Marketer. AP-2.0 Not Just a Theme, It’s a Complete WordPress Marketing Suite. The Best features of Authority Pro 2.0 is, It’s Comes with lots of functionality that You never want to miss.  AP-2.0 Comes with drag-drop functionality too, So you can build your Own design on your WordPress Blog easily. You also know that drag-drop system means fully customizable.

One of The Best Features of authority pro 2.0 is, It’s a fully SEO friendly theme. Most of theme only manage 50% to 60% of your site links and thesis manage 70% to 75% of your site links but Authority Pro 2.0 manage 80% to 85% links of your site Plus it’s very easy to customization as you want. It has built-in on-page and off-page optimization system, so you can get higher rank on search engine easily.

Below I have listed some of the best features of Authority Pro 2.0 that I like most, Check This Out:

  • Authority Pro 2.0 comes with 24 custom Settings that is editable and fully customizable. You don’t need any coding experience To customize these.
  • It has 11 custom AP-2.0 drag-drop widgets that you can drag and drop in any of these 24 custom settings. It can be anything such as Product Review, Optin Box or anything that you want. The most amazing feature is, You can insert related content widgets anywhere in your blog and insert clickbank affiliate link widgets that pulls ads from clickbank and embeds your affiliate links. Authority Pro is a fully customizable so you can insert any widgets into anywhere of your blog without having any knowledge of HTML or CSS. It’s so easy process, any 12 years old can do this step easily with Authority Pro 2.0.
  • It has split testing feature. It’s a one of the best feature of authority pro 2.0, It also provide 4 different types of optin skin that is built-in. Now you can track which optin skin or content converts well so you can always do the best task.
  • You don’t have to buy any other plugin or system such as Exit Redirection or PopUp Script, Because It has Built-in all the system Such as Exit Redirection or PopUp script. You can easily set these features and send your visitor to your affiliate links or Sqeeze pages when they exit. You can set different PopUp and different Redirection for different or specific posts or contents.
  • Authority Pro 2.0 provide hundreds of graphics such as Button, Box or products module.
  • It has strong built-in on on-page and off-page SEO optimization system. Actually I love their SEO system. Anyone become SEO expert with their SEO System. It will scan and analyze your content SEO score and show you how to improve your contents SEO.
  • AP-2.0 is a fast loading Premium WordPress Theme. It has built-in caching system that make your blog fast and you know that Google and other search engine like fast loading website.

Authority Pro 2.0 is the best WordPress Theme and Marketing Suite that I ever seen. Here I have insert a small amount of Features of AP-2.0. You will get over hundreds of more useful features into AP-2.0.

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Authority Pro Pros & Cons


  • It is an all in one theme, there you will get every features that a professional Internet Marketer Ever wanted.
  • It also user-friendly so you don’t need any coding skill to set it up and run instantly
  • It has built-in powerful SEO system
  • AP-2.0 is very easy to install
  • You don’t need any other plugin or script. It has All the System built-in
  • 60 day 100% money back guarantee, without asking any question.


Actually it’s very hard to find any negative about Authority Pro 2.0

Authority Pro 2.0 pricing:

AP-2.0 offers $1 trial for 14 days. You have to pay $97 for lifetime access after the end of your trial period. Don’t worry you will get 100% money back within 60 days if you are not satisfied with Authority Pro. So it’s risk free. Their sales and refunds processed by clickbank so it’s safe and secure.

So Is Authority Pro 2.0 Worth?

Definitely, Authority Pro 2.0 worth. AP-2.0 is the best WordPress Theme I have ever seen. It has all features built-in so you don’t have to buy any other plugin or script. You also get access to the authority pro forum, where you will get found all the solution and ask your question. They will reply you instantly like a live chat. AP-2.0 also comes with over 10 bonus, that’s exact value over $1600. I strongly recommend Authority pro 2.0 for everyone who wants to take his marketing to the next level.

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Conclusion: Authority Pro 2.0 is the all in one solution for internet marketer. It has built-in all the features and you will also get over $1600 bonus with AP-2.0. Authority Pro is powered by the most advanced framework “Twitter Bootstrap”. I strongly suggest Authority Pro for every internet marketer.

Update: 08/05/2013

Authority Pro released new version AP3.0. The Latest version comes with lots of benefits and features. You can’t imagine that how much features added in this version of Authority Pro. Visit AP-3.0 Homepage to watch all the features that has been included In this Update.

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