5 Proven Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Make More Money

Affiliate Marketing is the most recommended ways To make money online. there are plenty of affiliate program available and the most amazing part is over 95% of affiliate program is free to join. And over 37% of internet users making money online with affiliate marketing over there. I am an affiliate marketer and promote products from Amazon and Clickbank marketplace. I also recommend Clickbank And Amazon Associates. I know many people that they are making thousands of Dollar per day through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the very best ways to make a full-time livings online. I am an affiliate marketer since 2007 and Now I have built my web business but when I start then I was not successful and my success is not come in a single night or week even month. Anyway Don’t loss your hope into affiliate marketing. Here in this article I have shared my top 5 affiliate marketing Strategies that help me to claim my success, check these below:

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies


Blogging is the best strategy to make money with affiliate marketing. I strongly suggest blogging to everyone who wants to make money with affiliate marketing. My 75% of earnings comes from blogging. Blogging is very simple and easy ways to make money online through affiliate marketing. This Blog (Make Money Online) is my own and Now I am working to my completely new blog WPBloggen.com that is still under contraction. If You want to hear more about blogging then you should visit my another post “6 Must Follow Steps To Make Money With Blogging Successfully“. There I have described more details about blogging that is beginners and Experts friendly.

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Mail List Building

Email List Building is the another Best Affiliate Marketing strategy. It’s also a part of blogging but I have list it separately from blogging, because there’s are many email marketing service offer free squeeze page and Email list buying system. There you can Buy Subscriber for price and they also offer free squeeze page for Your optin Form. List building is the most effective ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Do you know where your money? Money in your email list so Email List building is the great strategies.

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Article Writing

Article Writing is My another best marketing strategy. It’s a most attractive ways to make money with affiliate marketing. With Article Writing you can sell anything. There are plenty of Article Directories Available Such as eZine Article, Go Article, Article Dashboard etc. and they accept Article from internet users for free. Just write an article or review about your niche (that you are promoting) and insert your affiliate link at the author bio or footer of your article. Thousands of reader will read your article and they will purchase through your affiliate link and you will get commission, It’s simple.

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the best affiliate marketing strategy. You know that people loves to watch video than read. Video marketing drive you lots of sale. One of my video earned me over $6000 It’s amazing Huh!! So strongly recommend video marketing. It’s very simple and easy anyone can do this even a 12 years old boy. Just record your review on video and Upload to video network such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe etc. And then insert your affiliate link or your blog URL, That’s all!!

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is paid advertising System. I don’t recommend Pay Per Click Advertising System for selling affiliate products. It’s Best for who are willing to pay for Advertising. There are hundreds of Pay Per Click advertising Network Available such as Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Bidvertiser, InfoLinks, 7Search etc. But Nowadays Google Adwords doesn’t allow affiliate advertising and some allow. Pay Per Click is the very easy ways to make money online by Paid Advertising. You don’t need to build web sites or blog to sell your affiliate products if you willing to pay for advertising.

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Affiliate Marketing Is the best ways to earn huge money online. Above the Strategies I have tried and all those strategies work well. I strongly Recommend Blogging, List Building, Article Writing and Video marketing Because I have found these ways are so good for Sale affiliate products. Don’t Forget To Share us on your social network.


  1. Harry Nguyen says

    Good 5 methods, for a affiliate marketing but it’s harder these days to promote affiliate products using PPC. I would say to promote Clickbank products or any other products through media buys or even PPV traffic.

  2. Marcus Lindley says

    Thanks for the info! Quick question: have you tried affiliate marketing and ppc on smaller sites such as AdBrite or 7Search? I had moderate success with AdBrite once upon a time, but haven’t got back into it. Thoughts…?

  3. Amr Karim says

    Great straight forward articles , i would like to take your opinion about social media and how it would be useful for engaging affiliate sales..

    • says

      Thanks For commenting. Anyway You have asked for my opinion about Social Media. Social media is a great ways to engaging affiliate sales, Stay In touch with us. I will publish and article soon regarding social media and how to use social media for engaging Affiliate sales or Affiliate leads. thanks for your request keep in touch to get notified when i publish.

  4. Ryan Blaine says

    A great way to get traffic is to you use Bing and since you can search right in you face book account you get even more traffic.

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